The Studio


We've combined the expertise of two industry specialists, studio builder Chris Harmaty (Converse Rubber Tracks/Jungle City Studios) and technical consultant Brian Dorfman (Orchard Design, LLC) to make the 825 Records facility a premiere, state of the art, full service production establishment; Moreover, an upgraded, private home-base for Grammy Award winning engineer Butch Jones, producer Matty Amendola, and all of our current and future clients alike.


With significant gear upgrades in 2014, including that classic super-analogue SSL sound on every channel, as well as other modern and boutique outboard equipment, our control room driven by a true modular hybrid design is only the tip of the iceberg. Our dedicated live room is packed with Amendola's personal collection of drums, amps, mics, and guitars. An added photography/video suite with built in ceiling lighting, backdrops of all sorts, and a wide array accessories are setup at all times for visual projects of any size. Clients from out of town will be happy to know our facility also provides room and board services, including an eat-in kitchen, bathroom, and private bedroom.





Photos by Paul Gelsobello

Rooms, Interface & Desk:


Floating Live & Control Rooms by

Chris Harmaty (Audio Structures)

Tuned Control Room by 

Brian Dorfman (Orchard Design)


Additional Photo/Video Studio

(w/ built in lighting & equipment)


(3) Universal Audio Apollo 

(Cascaded for 52x68 I/O)

D-Box A/D Converter + Summing

Black Lion Micro Clock MKIII

Avid Control & Artist Mix

Softube Console One MKII

UA Console & Console Recall 

Sterling Modular Custom Desk




Logic Pro X

Pro Tools 12





Dangerous Music D-Box

Hafler P3000 Power Amp

Crown D75 Power Amp

Focal Solo6 Monitors

Yamaha NS10m Monitors

Auratone Monitors

Telefunken Isolated Headphones

ISO Acoustics Monitor Stands




Late 2013 Mac Pro 6 Core

(64 gigs RAM)

2014 Mac Mini (Remote Server)

Lacie 5Big External HD (20TB)

Lacie Big Disk SSD (1TB)

27” Thunderbolt Display

40” LCD Display

(2) Apple iPad





Telefunken AK47

Telefunken AR-51

(3) Telefunken M60 FET

(2) Telefunken TK60, TK61, TK62

(3) Telefunken M80

(3) Telefunken M81

Telefunken M82

(2) Coles 4038 Ribbon

Aston Spirit

Slate Digital ML-1

(4) Slate Digital ML-2

Senheiser 421 II

Electro-Voice RE-20

(2) Earthworks SR40

(2) Earthworks P30HC

(2) Earthworks FlexWand FW730

(2) Royer R-101 Ribbon

Shure SM7B

(5) Shure SM57 & SM58

Shure 55SH II Dynamic

(2) Cascade Fathead II (Lundahl)

(2) 12 Gauge RED12 Omni

(2) 12 Gauge GREEN12 Cardiod

12 Gauge BLUE12 Condensor

12 Gauge BLACK212 Stereo 

(6) Audix Dynamics

(2) MXL 990

(2) MXL 991


Microphone Preamplifiers:


SSL Alpha VHD (4 Mic Channels)

Avalon Vt737SP (Channel Strip)

(3) UA Apollo (16 Mic Channels)

UA 4710-D (4 Mic Channel)

UA LA-610 (Channel Strip)

Various UA Unison Preamps



Fishman Triple Play

Komplete Kontrol S25

Slate Batch Commander


Plug-Ins & Software:


Waves (Full Bundle)

UAD (Various Plugins)

UAD Unison (Various Plugins)

SSL Duende (Full Bundle)

Softube (Full Bundle)

Overloud (Various Plugins)

FabFilter (Mixing Bundle)

Melodyne 4 Studio

SoundToys (Full Bunde)

Kush Audio (Full Bundle)

NI Komplete Ultimate 10

Slate Trigger 2

Slate Digital (Everything Bundle)

Slate VMC (Full Bundle)

Sound Radix (Various Plugins)

Boz Digital (Various Plugins)

Ivory II Grands & Uprights

Valhalla Vintage Reverb

PSP (Various Plugins)

EastWest (Various Bundles)

IK Multimedia (Full Bundle)

IK Multimedia Sample Tank 3

Wavesfactory (Various Plugins)

Lexicon (Various Plugins)

and more... 



SSL Fusion

(2) SSL X-Rack

(3) SSL E Series Dynamics

(3) SSL Analogue Dynamics

SSL Stereo Bus Compressor

(4) SSL E Series EQ

(4) SSL X-Rack EQ

(4) 1176 Style Compressors

UA LA-610 (Comp. & EQ)

(2) Empirical Labs Distressor

Yamaha SPX90 Reverb/Delay

TC Electronic 2290-DT

TC Electronic 8210-DT

TC Electronic 1210-DT

Tech 21 Sansamp PSA 1




Gretsch Broadkaster Drum Kit

Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Kit

Sugar Percussion EV Drum Kit

Lugwig (Vintage) Drum Kit

Various Snares, Cymbals, & Perc.

LP Congas (Custom Built)

LP Laptop Congas

Gibson ES-335 Custom Shop

Gibson 1974 Les Paul Special

Gibson 1976 Les Paul Deluxe

Gibson 2014 Les Paul Standard

Gibson 1959 Melody Maker

Gretsch Electromatic

Fender Strat (Custom 1962 Reissue)

Fender Baritone Blacktop Telecaster

1964 Silvertone 1478 Model

Fodera Custom Bass

Taylor GS Mini (Acoustic)

Epiphone DR-12 String (Acoustic)

Yamaha F325D (Acoustic)

Kala U-Bass

Rickebacker 4003 Bass

Epiphone Violin Bass

Danelectro 12 String

Danelectro 59’ Reissue

Yamaha Arius 162 Digital Piano


Amps, & Pedals:

Vox AC315 (Celestion Greenbacks)

Marshall JMP1H

Orange PPC 112 (Celestion V30)

Fender Blues Junior (Celestion A)

Fender Original 65’ Super Reverb

Harmony 400C 1965 with:

(8"Jensen Blue Label Speaker)

Hotone SM (Mesa Boogie Emu)

Hotone PW (Marshall Plexi Emu)

Ampeg Micro SR & SVT210AV

Nemphasis Guitar Pedals

Extensive collection of Stomp Boxes





From project to product, 825 offers full-service production for artists of any genre. Our team is available from the songwriting process to mastering, and everything in between. 



Collaborate with pro session musicians for your project anywhere in the world. We offer live individual instruments, full band instrumentation, and sampled orchestral arrangements




There's a difference between a good mix and having a product sound like a "record." Mixing, editing, and mastering is always available from a handful of select mix engineers here at 825. 



Coming from out of town? Stay at 825 during your project's duration with a private bedroom, eat-in kitchen and backyard access. Contact us for rates and availability. 



Whether it's an original composition or dynamic soundscape, 825's experienced production team can bring your visual content to completion. 




If you're a solo artist full of ideas and can't quite get them out on an instrument, need help revising lyrics or creating a solid melody, 825 has years of experience working with budding songwriters, helping raw natural talent develop their passion.



825 Records, Inc.

825 48th St.

Brooklyn, NY 11220




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